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Lo-Fang, is a singer-songwriter and classically trained musician. His debut album Blue Film was released on February 25, 2014, by 4AD. Lo-Fang wrote "Blue Film" as he traveled around the world to Cambodia, Bali, London, Tokyo, and elsewhere. While developing "Blue Film" from a mixtape to a full-fledged album, Lo-Fang collaborated with Grammy-winning producer François Tétaz.

Lo-Fang was the opening act for Lorde in the Spring of 2014, who picked his song "#88" as her second favorite from 2013. In the Autumn of 2014, Lo-Fang was selected by Baz Luhrmann as the singer in his latest 'mini film' advert for Chanel No. 5.

Lo-Fang may be an unquestionably modern artist but he can’t shake his classical upbringing and the symmetry between the classical and the contemporary facets of his musical personality make for a uniquely contrasting experience both on record and live.

As a true multi-instrumentalist, Lo-Fang (real name Matthew Hammerlein) swaps from guitar to violin throughout his set showing the balance of sounds that goes on in his head. His musicianship extends into the compositions, which are textured and intricate and absolutely come alive on stage with delicate piano tones meeting breezy synths and steady drums. Lo-Fang’s multi-instrumental talents also extend as far as his voice which is as controlled and technically proficient as it is raw and passionate.

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